Sep 11 2022


Duyen Nguyen

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When coming to a  country, eating is an indispensable part and is very much concerned by many people. Besides cooking at home, going to a restaurant is also a popular choice for the majority of foreigners living and working in Vietnam. But how do you know the way to order or pay? Let's learn about the most common Vietnamese sentences when eating at the restaurant.

See the menu.

When you go to any restaurant , this will be the first thing you need to do to know what dishes and drinks this restaurant will have. In this case, you can tell the waiter: "Show me the menu." - " Cho tôi xem thực đơn ". However, in Vietnam the word "menu" is also very popular so you can also say, " Cho tôi xem menu" instead. If possible, please learn about the names of Vietnamese dishes in advance to make it easier to choose dishes, because Vietnamese cuisine has many delicious and new dishes for foreigners.

Order the food

After choosing  the food you want to enjoy, you can tell the waiter: "Give me - cho tôi ..... (quantity)- số lượng ...... (name of dish)- tên món ăn". For example "cho tôi 2 phở bò ". Or "cho tôi 1 bún chả, 1 trà đá ". Very simple, right? Just remember the name of the dish and know how to say the number , you can easily order the food that you want in Vietnamese. So, besides the name of the dish, you should learn some more numbers such as one, two, three, ... to make ordering more convenient.

Pay for the bill.

At the end of the meal and want to pay, you can put your hand towards the waiter and say: "Let me pay" - " Cho tôi thanh toán" or "Let me charge"- " Cho tôi tính tiền". Both of these expressions are used popular and widely  in Vietnam. Currently, there are many restaurants that you can pay by card for more convenience for customers. If you want to choose this option, you can say “Let me pay by card”- “ Cho tôi thanh toán bằng thẻ”  and then the waiter will help you.

After paying, in case that you want to get a bill for your meal, you can tell the waiter: "May I have a bill"- “Cho tôi xin hóa đơn”.

So with just some short sentences, you could also order and pay in Vietnamese already.

Thus, the above essay has introduced you about the basic and essential Vietnamese communication sentence patterns for foreigners when going to restaurants. Hopefully you have had some more useful experiences for yourself to get the best experience of enjoying Vietnamese cuisine.

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