Sep 11 2022

There are important things that you need to know when taking a taxi in Vietnam

Duyen Nguyen

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When you first arrive in a country, vehicle is an indispensable thing. And when you come to Vietnam, it's the same. In Vietnam, there is a type of vehicle that is often chosen by foreign tourists, which is a taxi.

Taking a taxi is quite simple, but if you are a foreigner who is new to Vietnam, you may face some difficulties when using this service. The following essay will introduce you to brief communication that you can use easily when taking a taxi in Vietnam.

1.The forms you can choose to book a taxi to come to Vietnam

Order a taxi by phone

If you want to book a taxi by yourphone, first of all, you need to find out about the taxi companies where you are. There are a number of famous taxi companies in Vietnam that you should prioritize looking for such as Mai Linh, Vinasun, ... These are reputable companies with a huge number of cars and high quality of service, operating in many cities ​​in Vietnam

You can call the operator to book a car. After that, you just need to wait a few minutes for a car to pick you up. Prices are pre-determined in contracts placed at the taxi, please remember to look at the price before you get off.

Book a technology taxi

In addition to those longstanding taxi brands , you can experience a new form of taxi transportation in Vietnam. Although only appearing in the last few years, technology taxi brands have gradually become the first choice in big cities because of the convenience and reasonable price

To use this type of taxi all you need to do is download the application to your phone and register an account. There are many popular technology taxi companies today are Grab, Go-Viet, Bee, ... for you to choose according to your preference. Every time you want to call a taxi, you just need to enter the starting site and destination and book a driver. They will provide service prices, travel distance, driver information as well as emergency reporting feature. So the trips are very safe and often have a low cost.

In addition to these 2 ways, if you are at a restaurant, hotel or resort, you can tell the receptionist and ask them to book a taxi for you. They will certainly not reject you.

2. Communicate with the driver during the trip

This is also an issue you need to know after taking a taxi and getting on it. To say the taxi destination, you can say: " Cho tôi đến………… " (your destination)."

On the way, you can also use a few sentences to ask the driver such as:  rẽ phải (Turn right) , rẽ trái (turn left), quay đầu (turn around), dừng lại (stop) .

You can say “ Cho tôi xuống đây" (Let me down here) to say when you want to go down to a place.

At the end of your trip and want to pay, you can ask the driver: " Của tôi bao nhiêu tiền?'' (How much is mine?) to inquire about the price have to pay . If you choose to travel by traditional taxi companies, you can look at the clock to confirm the amount to be paid.

When you know the price, let's give the money to the driver and say the sentence " Cho tôi gửi tiền" (give you money).

Before getting off the bus, don't forget to say goodbye to the driver and tell them " cảm ơn" (Thank you) for taking you to safety.

They are a few notes for you when taking a taxi in Vietnam. Hope that you can know some more useful experiences to have the best experience when coming to Vietnam.


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