Jul 28 2020

Things to keep in mind when going shopping in Vietnam

Duyen Nguyen

Career advice

Nowadays, there are more and more people choosing Vietnam as their ideal destination. Once you arrive in Vietnam, going shopping will definitely be included in your to-do list. However, there are some special things you should keep in mind when going shopping in Vietnam in order to buy the most suitable stuff for yourself. This article will introduce to you some useful tips so that you can have the best shopping experience here.
  1. Do not go shopping in the early morning
This may not be a well-known fact and has not received adequate attention. However, you should really pay attention to this so as to avoid unpleasant situations.
For most Vietnamese people, especially businessmen, morning is the time when a new day starts. They believe that if they encounter unlucky things during this time period, the rest of the day will be the same and their business will not go well. Therefore, they always hope for a nice person to come and buy something as the first guest, instead of someone who purchase nothing after looking around or visit their shop just for a goods return. Because it will signal an unfavorable start for their business that day. In some circumstances, the shopkeepers even express their unhappy mood. Although this is not applied to every shop, it is still advisable to go shopping only after 10 am to avoid causing unwanted feelings for both seller and buyer, in case you cannot find a satisfying thing to buy.
  1. Get to know some Vietnamese for shopping
  This is very necessary for foreigners. If you know some Vietnamese words, when going shopping you can ask the price or even bargain with the sellers. 
In order to ask the price, you can say: “Cái này bao nhiêu tiền?”
If you think it is too expensive, you can say: “Đắt thế. Giảm giá đi” or “Đắt thế,... (the number you want) được không?”.
And to avoid bargaining often, you should shop at supermarkets, where every product has a list price. You will only need to look at it and then pay at the checkout counter. Besides, remember to learn how to say the money in Vietnamese.
However, going shopping or eating out with Vietnamese people is a lot more interesting. You will not only be able to get acquainted with life in Vietnam but also discover many new things about Vietnamese customs and way of thinking. Going out and experiencing more will bring you meaningful memories when living in Vietnam.
Ivina’s student being instructed to shop in Vietnamese
  1. Compare and consult prices between stores
According to the experience of customers who have shopped in Vietnam, at many stores in big streets although they have the same product but they can be sold with many different prices. So you should consult the prices at many stores then decide where to buy so that you could buy the product you like the most with reasonable price.
  1. Go shopping with locals
When you come to Vietnam and go shopping, it is a good choice if you know someone who is local and they can go shopping with you. Because they know everything well and they  can take you to good quality stores that you don't have to waste time for searching.
One suggestion is that you go shopping with your Vietnamese language teachers. Because they have a lot of experience with their former students.
Ms. Andeline - A student from iVina said “It was wonderful, I bought a nice and cheap bowl set in Bat Trang, also thanks to my teacher who brought me here. It's cheaper and prettier than stores I've seen before. ”
Ms. Andeline, a student of iVina has chosen good item
  1. Online shopping 
Nowadays, online shopping is more and more  popular in big cities in Vietnam. You don’t need to go out but you can still  order goods , food, etc from  famous restaurants. You only need to pay a little more money for the delivery people. This service is becoming more  popular and convenient for many people.The things you need to do are to download some apps for your phone  and enter your nickname and address. The "Shipper" will help you buy goods and transfer it to your house. It’s very convenient for newcomers to Vietnam , right?
Some useful apps you need to download for your phone when you come to Vietnam are Grab (travel, food), Now (food), Shoppee, Lazada, tikitiki,…
Hopefully , with the above notes, you can have great experiences when shopping in Vietnam.

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