Sep 11 2022

West lake Lotus Tea - Reserve the culture of Hanoi people

Duyen Nguyen


Vietnam has always been famous for many types of delicious tea so far. Currently, Vietnam has hundreds of different types of tea chosen by many foreigners who love tea as gifts when coming to Vietnam. Among them, it is important to mention when you come to Vietnam and especially to Hanoi, which is West Lake lotus tea. So, what is special about West Lake Lotus Tea that many people like? Let's find out together.

A iVina’s student was experiencing to take West Lake lotus tea

West Lake lotus tea is the kind of tea that are marinated with  lotus flowers grown in West Lake – Ha Noi. Previously, West Lake planed many lotus flowers with the characteristics of large flowers,  special scent that are different with the lotus flower grown in other regions. Tea lovers have taken the Thai Nguyen green tea( a famous tea-planning land for its Vietnamese delicious tea ) combined with Bach Diep lotus tea in West Lake.


After marinating, the aroma of West Lake lotus merges with the Thai Nguyen tea creating a sweat and freshing scent. Gradually, this type of tea became famous more and the increasing number of people came to enjoy. And they call this kind of tea with a dear name: “ West Lake lotus tea”

Lotus tea is loved by many people not only because of its delicious taste but also for its dedication and meticulousness in the way of marinating that has been preserved over the centuries. Lotus tea is not marinated all year round, so people who make lotus tea all year are busy because the lotus flower is only blooming seasonally.

Lotus flowers - West Lake udic - Pink Lotus, Lotus In West Lake – A Hanoi Symbol

A whole year of growing lotus only takes place in a few months of harvest, from mid-April to mid-July of the lunar calendar, so tea wokers have to take advantage of their time to create the best tea batches.

The lotus used for tea is usually picked in the early morning when it is still dim, the lotus is just about to bloom. The lotus flowers of Guanyin and cypress, after being picked, will be separated by layers of petals, taking the pistil and cup of Lotus rice, which is the fragrance bag of the lotus ...

It can be said that there is no line of tea marinated finickily by lotus tea because to marinate one kilogle of delicious lotus tea we need more than 1500 lotus flowers .The procedure of marinating lotus is repeated 7 times and takes more than 21 days to complete a batch ...

Marinating lotus tea is not only an ordinary pleasure of making tea, but it is also a delicacy that has raised the cultural level in Vietnam. People who make lotus tea, sift rice, and brew lotus tea must really have a tranquility mind, not everyone and anytime can  marinate lotus tea .

In early summer, the lotus lakes along West Lake near the Water Park are the place of choice for many people. If you take a group of 3-5 people to West Lake you can come take pictures with the lotus, rent a boat to look at the beautiful lotus and drink lotus tea. Each teapot is priced from 30,000 to 50,000 VND. While drinking tea while watching tea in the traditional way.

Do not drink lotus tea hurriedly . Enjoying the lotus tea need to be very slow to feel the lotus scent spread in the mouth, the acrid taste on the tip of the tongue, the deep sweetness that settles down the throat of the tea drinker......

When you come to Vietnam, specially to Ha Noi, don’t forget to taste the West Lake lotus tea. If you don’t know how to start, please contact to iVina for a special experience with the West Lake lotus tea and we will have some interesting shares.


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