Jul 09 2020

What is the fastest way to learn Vietnamese to be able to communicate?

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When coming to another country, getting to know its language is a necessity. This is also true when you come to Vietnam. Knowing Vietnamese can help you communicate with native people far more easily. However, learning merely from books is hardly enough for you to hold a conversation with Vietnamese people. So what is the fastest way to master Vietnamese communication skill? The following article is going to introduce to you some suggestions on learning Vietnamese.

  1. Learning by topics

You should learn to speak by topics, which are related to your daily life, the most common situations you are likely to encounter such as introducing yourself, going to the restaurants, going shopping, taking a taxi,… There are definitely a lot of problems in a single topic. However, the optimal solution for you is to ask your teacher to provide you with the most typical sentence structures for each topic.

 Let’s just set aside their variations. Once you are already competent at the basic sentence structures, expansion into other expressions is no different from adding a few dishes to enrich your meal.

Learning to speak Vietnamese is inherently much simpler than what people have always said!

And the next advice for this is going for only reputable centers. Studying with qualified teachers can boost your communication skill very fast. In our experience, with such teachers you only need to spend 20 hours learning to be capable of communicating basically. Hence, you can save your time, effort as well as money, can’t you?


Students excitedly practice the topic “Going to a restaurant” with the guidance of iVina’s teachers.


  1. Learn Verb first

There is just so much vocabulary in a language, and Vietnamese is no exception. How could we learn it all? Noun, adjective, verb, adverb,… what should we study first? Beside,  is it really that important? Do we really need to learn all the vocabulary to be able to speak? So this is what we found out: Just focus on learning verb first. Verb is the core of all things. And our life is full of “things” that happenned, isn’t it? Just learn verb as much as you can, and with some simple grammar, you will see yourself improve in speaking Vietnamese faster than you ever thought possible.

  1. Practicing with Vietnamese people

Our useful advice for you is ‘Just say’. If you learn a word, just say a word; if you learn 10 words, you say 10 words. Just say as much as possible, wherever, whenever and any Vietnamese people you meet, even the first time you have met them, you also can speak both Vietnamese and your language. This repetition will help you memorise quickly and you may rest assured that: Vietnamese people are ready to listen to what you say. Do you know that most Vietnamese people are glad because you know a little Vietnamese. Their vision for you will certainly change, when you pronounce some Vietnamese , they will be friendly and close. Don’t worry about your pronunciation with mistakes. At first, right and wrong is not really important. Trust me, go out and try it.       

IVina students practice speaking Vietnamese


Teacher of Ivina practice with Multiple Countries trainees from a lot of countries through Skypes


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