Apr 18 2020

Why do I love Vietnam?



1. Vietnamese cuisine

I’ve been to quite many countries and yet Vietnamese cuisine always win my heart from every bite. It is not inflated to say that "Vietnam is a kitchen of the world". Banhmi, no doubt, my first choice take-aways. Pho, bun bo, banh xeo and endless dishes that never bores your stomach. You can find many interesting healthy foods from natural sources everywhere. It is a pity that Vietnamese are not good at marketing for their foods. If they were, many tourists would visit this beautiful country. 

2. Vietnamese people

They are the most friendly people that you could ever meet on Earth. You can find them smiling with you at the park, at the food stalls or even while waiting at the traffic light. If you need a help, donot hesitate to ask. They can help you alot. If you have time, just hang out with them, drink beer, and enjoy the life their. They really wants to make friend with foreigners to hear stories and learn new things. I would say Vietnamese are one of the most hard working and optimistic people in the world. This makes their economy grow very fast recently.

3. Places in Vietnam

Vietnam has many beautiful nature and well-known places for visiting such as Halong Bay, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Delta River, Phu Quoc Island, Phong Nha, and so on. You can google these names and will see what people talking about them. Interestingly, the travel fee is very cheap and you can visit along the country with a limited budget. If you like history, you can visit places like Cu Chi tunnels to understand why this small country could defeat powerful guys like China, French, and US. 

4. Vietnam by night

Weather in South of Vietnam is warm and more comfortable in North during winter (December - March) thus the living by night in South is more colorful than North of Vietnam in this period. If you fall in love with places in Vietnam during the daytime, then by the night time, you will fall in love again.

5. Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is a special time of Vietnam, it is more or less similar to Noel in Western as people in family will reunion, take care, enjoy meals and sumerize what they have done last year. Kids and elders will receive Lixi (a small amount money) from other members in their family. People also visit Pagoda to pray for a lucky new year. You can find nowhere with such way of New Year celebration when it can last for weeks and everyone may love this time the most of the year.

6. Football love

You may have heard that Brazil is famous for its love for football until you see how people here celebrate their football match. The whole country becomes as one as always everytime the match is on. Although their national team is not in the top level of FIFA, they have utmost love for their national team. If you visit Vietnam in the time of AFF Cup, Asean Game, you will see how crazy they are. 

7. Traffic in Vietnam

Riding on your scooter with helmet on, getting stuck on the street for 30 minutes long, well it may sound weird and yet I definitely miss the traffic in Vienam so badly. Crossing the streets here during rush hours is also something you definitely have to try in life. 

8. Vietnamese Markets

You can almost find anything here and the way you go to the groceries and the way you go to the market here is totally a whole new level. But let ask price carefully, you may buy a product with a very high price. Indeed, you can buy everything in Vietnam when you go to the market.

9. Coffee shops in Vietnam

Vietnam is proud to be the second rank in exporting coffee over the world. Wake up in the morning, step out of your room and the first thing you will see is a coffee house. The tast of coffee is also different. Egg Coffee is one of the most creative drinks in Vietnam. You should try. 

10. Vietnam as a whole

Last but not least, I love Vietnam as it is, it’s unique and I believe that no matter what may bring, Vietnam will be always that special by the time I visit it again. In the near future, this country will develop fast and you can find your opportunity here.