ABc Lingo House

Country: Vietnam
Address:ABC Danang

About ABc Lingo House

Atlantic Group was founded in 2003. Over the last 15 years, Atlantic group has been ceaselessly growing and has become one of the leading education groups in Vietnam. Our core business lines include:
- Study abroad consultancy (Atlantic Consultancy): As certified members of VIECA and ICEF. We help Vietnamese students to attain university placements and scholarships at universities in the US, UK, Korea, Japan, and other countries. Atlantic has maintained a strong sub-agent network in 17 cities and provinces in Vietnam and in other countries.
- Supplementary in-school Program (Atlantic Supplementary in-school: Placing qualified native English speaking teachers into government-run schools across Vietnam. With more than 5 years of experience in the field, Atlantic Supplementary in-school has improved the education of over 30,000 students across 75 schools in Vietnam.
- Foreign Language Teaching (Atlantic Five-Star English): Launched in 2017 with two Five-Star Centers at 33 Lac Trung and 125 Hoàng Ngân, Hanoi. They are purposely-built facilities that provide Academic Skills, and IELTS exam preparation to teens and young adults. Our Five-Star Centers are also one of the 3 only IELTS Test Centers in Hanoi.



ABc Lingo House

Address:ABC Danang

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