Country: Vietnam
Address:Room 2404, Floor 24 , Apartment Block A3 - Ecolife Capital, To Huu, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

About iVINA

iVina International Education Investment and Training JSC was established in July 2016 in the field of teaching Vietnamese for foreigners.

Our mission is to make Vietnamese become a useful mean of breaking the language barrier and connecting love between the foreigner and the Vietnamese people - country. In addition, we have built an environment  for learning and cultural exchanging for foreigners who want to learn about Vietnam and overseas Vietnamese to find out about the origin. 

We offer a wide variety of  Vietnamese courses that are dynamic and close to the real needs of our learners such as: Vietnamese Course for communicating, Vietnamese language courses follow the standard framework of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, specialized courses in politics, economics, culture, medicine, tourism ...  with the commitment that students will apply what they learned the fastest and most effectively in the work.

iVina's teachers are selected from prestigious institutions such as the Institute of Linguistics, the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and major universities such as: Hanoi University of Education; Hanoi National University ... Teachers have from 5 to 20 years of experience teaching Vietnamese to foreigners with their professional teaching methods.

Over the past four years, iVina has gained the trust and opportunity to cooperate with foreign organizations and businesses. We have taught Vietnamese for Embassy staff (Singapore Embassy; Belarus Embassy; Malaysia Embassy;etc), foreign managers and experts from large corporations such as Samsung; Honda's motobike; Tata Group; S-Connect BG Vina; Kuroda Kagaku; etc.

iVina is also invited to design content for the program "Teaching Vietnamese on television" by KTS VTC10 - Netviet TV.

In addition, iVina is also very flexible in terms of location, time and learning style to meet the needs of each student such as study group in iVina, study in the student's own place, study via Skype (for For students who are living far away or too busy). Out of their classroom programs, iVina also regularly organizes experiential activities for students to learn about Vietnamese culture, customs, people and landscape, helping students practice communication with indigenous people in the most natural way as well as having more love with culture, people and country of Vietnam.




Phone:(+84) 911-177-988
Address:Room 2404, Floor 24 , Apartment Block A3 - Ecolife Capital, To Huu, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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