Phenikaa school

Country: Vietnam
Address:Tu Hoang road, Phuong Canh ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi

About Phenikaa school

Located on the West side of Hanoi, Phenikaa School is a new Inter-level K-12 school. We aspire to develop a new generation of outstanding, creative, and humane students, with emphasis on strong educational foundation, high proficiency in foreign languages and technology, so that they may continuously pursue learning, fulfill their dreams and achieve success as confident global citizens.

Our teaching staff is comprised of dedicated, creative, and inspiring professionals who promote self-betterment for the sake of their students. In a student-centric environment under the Phenikaa School, teachers serve as facilitators and mentors, striving to instill the best qualities to our beloved students.

Phenikaa school identity: We are a group of educators who are passionate about our craft. Our passion is to create a learning environment that facilitates exploration and creativity, at the same time equips students with skillsets to become active learners. We believe mastering technology is the key to innovations that can change the world.

Academic program: As an institution that aligns itself with international standards, Phenikaa School offers curricula that are holistically and progressively designed to foster a creative, collaborative, and humane learning environment.

“Phenikaa School – Inspiring the next generation of innovators”



Phenikaa school

Address:Tu Hoang road, Phuong Canh ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi
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