Country: Vietnam
Address:Vinhomes Ocean Park, Huyện Gia Lâm, Hà Nội

About VinUniversity

VinUniversity is a newly developed, private, non-profit university in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was established by Vingroup with a mission to be the first world-class, internationally accredited and ranked university in Vietnam. VinUniversity has two overarching goals: to excel in teaching; and to produce graduates and research that contribute to developing the key economic sectors of Vietnam.
The formation of the VinUniversity Project has resulted from the collaboration of Vingroup with Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania. Cornell provides academic consulting on Management, Engineering and Technology; and Penn focuses on the Health Sciences disciplines. Both Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania are distinguished Ivy League institutions based in the United States of America. Cornell is involved in every aspect of the development of VinUniversity from infrastructure and campus planning to curriculum development and faculty hiring. Cornell’s SC Johnson College of Business is providing extensive academic advisement in a variety of areas, drawing from a wealth of faculty expertise at multiple colleges and units at Cornell University. Penn’s medical and nursing schools are functioning in a similar fashion to guide the formation of health science education at VinUniversity and to interface with Vinmec, Vingroup’s outstanding health system which currently encompasses 7 hospitals throughout Vietnam. VinUniversity aims to meet the QS 5-star rating standards and will include the following schools within the University: a School of Business, Hospitality, and Real Estate; a School of Engineering and Technology; a School of General Education; a forthcoming School of Health Services and Public Health; a School of Nursing; and a School of Medicine. The University will be an English Medium Instruction (EMI) institution and plans to open for the inaugural class of students in Fall 2020.
On November 14, 2018, VinUni started construction on the 23 hectare area, located within the mega-urban complex of VinCity Ocean Park (Gia Lam, Hanoi). VinUni’s architecture emphasizes the harmony of neo-classic façade with modern and high-tech interior design. Professors and students will find themselves equipped with modern lecture halls and classrooms designed for most advanced teaching and learning methods.
VinUniversity is seeking entrepreneurial-minded intellectual who are passionate in higher education to join our team to accelarate the formation of a truly world-class university in Vietnam.





Address:Vinhomes Ocean Park, Huyện Gia Lâm, Hà Nội

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