1552 Bistro offers classy ambience

December 31, 2023

By Thúy HằngLeaving Hà Nội on a winter day for a short trip to Quảng Nam, I never imagined a working trip would be so busy with an agenda filled with… leisure and eating. It's no exaggeration to say that Hoiana Resort & Golf is a foodies’ paradise. However, the massive colonial-styled clubhouse at the Hoiana Shores Golf Club and the 1552 Bistro with its classic wood and leather furnishings, were a real hit. Named after the year of establishment of the world’s oldest golf course, the Old Course at St Andrews in Scotland, the 1552 Bistro features the regal yet distinct style of a Scottish clubhouse. For the main course, we were served mỳ Quảng, a widely popular noodle dish originating from Quảng Nam Province.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News