38 defendants in Việt Á Case go on trial at Hà Nội's People Court

January 03, 2024

The two are among 38 defendants whose trial began in the capital in a case that has gained widespread public condemnation since the wrongdoings were uncovered. Also on trial are Chu Ngọc Anh, former Minister of Science and Technology, and Nguyễn Thanh Long, former Minister of Health. Việt and Hiệp have both already been sentenced to 25 years and six years by Hà Nội's Military Court for related offences. According to the indictment, the research on COVID-19 testing kits was assigned to the Military Medical Academy in 2020 with a budget of VNĐ18.9 billion (US$776 million). Phan Quốc Việt is accused of paying Anh $200,000, Tạc, $50,000, and Trịnh Thanh Hùng, $350,000.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News