AIA Group: Helping people live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives

March 06, 2023

The company is a member of the Hong Kong-based AIA Group, the leading life, health and wellness provider in Asia-Pacific. Việt Nam News spoke to Stuart Spencer - Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Group - on AIA Vitality, the health and wellness programme integrated with the life insurance product, as well as how AIA Group strives towards achieving its purpose of enabling people to live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives. It is not only good for customers, AIA and shareholders, but also the community and society as well. Aside from AIA Vitality, what other programmes or initiatives is the company doing to help people live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives? We started this competition in Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Việt Nam, and we are expanding it into other markets.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News