Archeologists probe mysterious Canadian shipwreck

February 07, 2024

A shipwreck believed to date from the 19th century has washed up on the snow-covered shores of Canada's Atlantic island province of Newfoundland, attracting a bevy of looky-loos and archaeologists probing its mysterious past. They managed to extract wooden planks, metal sheathing from the keel and other bits which have been sent to a laboratory for analysis. "We're hoping to identify the wood species and age of the wood and to identify the make-up of the metal. Those things will give us clues as to its age and origin," archaeologist Jamie Brake told a news conference on Tuesday. Some believe that Hurricane Fiona, which in September 2022 hit Canada's Atlantic coast hard, may have dislodged the ship from the ocean floor.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News