Artist makes musical instruments using coconut tree material

September 03, 2023

By Hồng LinhVõ Văn Bá, an 81-year-old artist from Bến Tre, is famous for his work making musical instruments using materials from the coconut tree. “The purpose of making these musical instruments is to pay tribute to coconut trees, the symbol of Bến Tre Province. He said using coconut wood to make instruments is much more challenging, but it's his passion that led him to continue with coconut wood. He said that coconut trees are best suited for making musical instruments when they are around 70 years or older. Besides crafting traditional Vietnamese musical instruments like the đàn cò, đàn gáo, đàn kìm, đàn nhị, đàn tranh, and đàn bầu, Bá has also created unique and innovative musical instruments.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News