Asia Architecture Design Awards 2023: Rising portfolios of Vietnamese architecture

April 09, 2023

SINGAPORE — Projects from Việt Nam are among more than 325 that have registered for the Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA) 2023. Each country has its own unique cultural and architectural characteristics, creating diversity in the scope of the Asia Architecture Design Awards. He said the most concentrated registrations are in the categories of Architectural Design, Resort Design, Hotel Design, and Commercial Interior Design. In addition, the AADA also noted a high number of registrations from Singapore for Best Landscape Architecture Design and Best Commercial Architecture Design. The Asia Architecture Design Awards opens for submissions until April 30, 2023, with 30 award categories across six disciplines: Architecture Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Architecture Design Firm, Interior Design Firm, and Firms in Furniture Manufacturing & Retailing.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News