Bình Định, a “hidden gem” for tourists: conference

February 12, 2023

Speaking at a conference to promote Bình Định tourism organised late last week in HCM City, Lâm Hải Giang said the event aims to promote tourism in Bình Định to attract more local and international tourists. Bình Định and HCM City have in recent years cooperated in tourism development with the former participating in a number of tourism events organised by HCM City, including the HCM City Tourism Festival, HCM City International Travel Expo, and the Southern Food Festival. Last year, Bình Định received more than 4 million visitors and revenue of more than VNĐ13.1 trillion (nearly US$556 million). The best time to visit Quy Nhơn is from January to August, when the weather is warm most of the time. The fastest way to get there from Hà Nội and HCM City is by flight (only a one hour flight from Hà Nội and a one hour flight from HCM City).

The source of this news is from Vietnam News