Canned tuna exports to S.Korea surges nearly 500%

September 04, 2023

While the tuna shipments of major exporters show different trends, Vietnam’s exports to South Korea are experiencing a substantial expansion, stated VASEP. Moreover, the export of tuna products has notably surged, particularly within the processed and canned categories. Noteworthy is the staggering growth of 468% in the export of canned tuna. Throughout the first seven months of the year, the average export price of canned tuna from Vietnam to the Korean market ranged from US$3.2-3.5 per kilogram. Currently, dominant tuna exporters to Korea from Vietnam include Tuna Vietnam, Nha Trang Bay, and Phat Trien Seafood, contributing to 64% of the overall revenue.

The source of this news is from The Saigon Times