Coast Guard presents gifts, information to religious followers

September 11, 2023

HCM CITY — The Đồng Nai Province-based Coast Guard Reconnaissance Unit No 2 under the Việt Nam Coast Guard's Command handed out essential gift packages to 100 local Buddhist followers in disadvantaged circumstances on Sunday (September 10). Senior Lieutenant Colonel Phan Nhân Hậu, head of the coast guard’s Reconnaissance Unit No 2, said the activity is an important programme under the Việt Nam Coast Guard's (VCG) mass mobilisation movement called “VCG supports ethnic minority and religious people” that has been carried out over the years. “It contributes to strengthening the solidarity between the army and ethnic and religious people, and building a strong ‘people-based security policy,” he said. Coast Guard troops also distributed leaflets about the Law on VCG, and the functions, duties and powers of VCG. The activity aims to raise appreciation for the motherland and awareness of protecting the country's sovereignty over its sea and islands among religious followers, and encourage people to actively participate in denouncing crimes and providing accurate information to help the forces in the fight.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News