Congratulations extended to Muslim community in HCM City on Ramadan month

March 06, 2024

HCM CITY — The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee (VFFC) of HCM City on March 6 held a meeting with representatives of the Muslim community in the city on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. Vice President of the city's Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee Phạm Minh Tuấn commended Muslim dignitaries and followers in the city for their warm response to patriotic emulation movements, thus contributing to local socio-economic development, and national defence and security. The official expressed his hope and belief that the dignitaries will carry forward the tradition of solidarity and play a more active role in movements and campaigns launched by local authorities and the municipal Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee. He also called on the Muslim community to promote the sense of responsibility in the development of HCM City, making it a civilised, modern, dynamic and creative city. The holy month is scheduled to last from March 11 to April 10.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News

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