Death penalty for bank robber in Vietnam’s Da Nang

December 28, 2023

A court in Da Nang City, central Vietnam has issued the death sentence to a young man who, assisted by an accomplice, robbed a bank in the city and fatally stabbed the bank security guard last month. The combined sentence for Cuong, hailing from Quang Nam Province bordering Da Nang, is the death penalty, while Tri, a Da Nang native, received a total of 30 years in prison for the same charges. The stabbed security guard passed away at a local hospital at around 3:00 pm due to his severe injuries. Cuong said he came from his hometown to Da Nang to seek for a job but could not find one. The two eyed a bank with only one security guard and they eventually chose the BIDV branch as the target.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News