Digital transformation must be conducted in tandem with narrowing digital divide

September 15, 2023

Mạc said that the ongoing digital transformation in various countries, at different levels, underscores the most crucial foundational element for this transformation: the need to perfect the legal framework and policies to promote digital transformation, ensure inclusivity and sustainable development, prioritise people, and encompass promoting digital infrastructure, digital ecosystems, and effective solutions that connect digital transformation with sustainable development. To expedite the digital transformation process, it is necessary to identify the construction and promotion of the development of national digital platforms as a breakthrough solution. Digital platforms serve as the "soft infrastructure" of the digital space, addressing specific challenges of digital transformation and establishing and storing user data. The successful and effective implementation of the digital transformation process require raising awareness and digital skills among the population, especially in remote and rural areas. Widening access, enhancing awareness, and providing training in digital technology, digital services, and digital applications are aimed at optimising the benefits of digital tools for businesses and improving people's quality of life.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News