Đồng Tháp Province seeks to set quality bar high for its tra fish

April 06, 2023

ĐỒNG THÁP – Đồng Tháp Province is encouraging aquaculture and tra fish fry breeding farms to develop linkages between themselves to improve output and value. The fry farming areas are mostly in Hồng Ngự, Châu Thành and Cao Lãnh districts. It has strengthened tie-ups with research institutes and universities to improve the quality of breeding fish, he added. 2 has implemented a project for producing high-quality tra breeding fish and recently supplied 60,000 of them to the delta, including 29,000 to Đồng Tháp farms. The province has established many concentrated tra fish farming areas and granted 368 identification numbers to ponds.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News

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