Drought-hit forest in Cà Mau at high risk of fire

March 16, 2024

CÀ MAU – Of the more than 33,000ha of drought-hit forest in the southernmost province of Cà Mau, more than 13,530ha has fire potential rated as “dangerous” (Level 4) and nearly 4,000ha “extremely dangerous” (Level 5), local authorities said. Those at high fire risk concentrate in the areas of the U Minh Hạ Forestry Company, the U Minh Hạ National Park; Khánh Bình Tây Bắc and Trần Hợi Communes in Trần Văn Thời District; and Khánh An, Khánh Lâm, and Nguyễn Phích Communes of U Minh District. Water levels of canals in U Minh Hạ Forest are now less than one metre, and below 1.5 - 2 metres in some other areas. This will heighten risks of forest fire as well as water shortages for firefighting, according to Hải. Cà Mau has not recorded any forest fires over the last three dry seasons.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News

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