Ericsson and RMIT University to jointly establish AI Lab in Hanoi

August 21, 2023

HCMC – Ericsson and RMIT University signed an agreement on August 18 to launch the RMIT & Ericsson AI Lab on RMIT’s Hanoi campus. This collaborative AI Lab initiative builds upon the existing 5G education partnership between RMIT and Ericsson. The project aims to educate Vietnamese students about 5G and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, and automation. These efforts will empower RMIT students specializing in science, technology, and engineering to actively contribute to Vietnam’s digital economy and transformation. The AI Lab partnership is an industrial research and education endeavor focused on applying AI to the Industry 4.0 revolution, facilitated by the rollout of 5G in Vietnam.

The source of this news is from The Saigon Times

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