Food poisoning kills 28, sickens 2,100 people in Vietnam last year

January 04, 2024

Vietnam reported 125 food poisoning incidents that left 28 dead and more than 2,100 sick in 2023, according to data released at a food safety conference chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Pham Hong Ha in Hanoi on Wednesday. Health authorities across the country checked food safety regulation compliance at more than 382,000 businesses and discovered over 34,500 violations. Ha recommended the application of information technology to food safety management and the development of a nationwide food safety map. Authorities should also encourage local people to engage in activities which oppose food safety violations, He said. He asked the central interdisciplinary steering committee for food safety to review the implementation of the 2010 Law on Food Safety while reinventing measures to raise public awareness about food safety.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News