Hạ Long-Cẩm Phả coastal road puts into operation

April 30, 2023

QUẢNG NINH – A coastal road connecting Hạ Long and Cẩm Phả cities in the northern province of Quảng Ninh was put into operation on April 30. The coastal road has a total length of 18.7km, including 10.2km passing through Cẩm Phả City. The road runs from Trần Quốc Nghiễn Road in Hạ Long City and ends at a T-junction near Quang Hanh Ward in Cẩm Phả City. The project plays a vital role in connecting, developing and expanding space of the two cities in the Hạ Long and Bái Tử Long bays. Cao Tường Huy, acting chairman of the Quảng Ninh provincial People’s Committee, said the completion of the road will help ease traffic density on the National Highway 18 and attract more tourists to the locality.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News

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