HCM City’s industry and trade sector aims at new heights

January 11, 2023

HCM CITY — The city’s industry and trade sector will deploy a number of measures to enable it to always stay ahead of trends, helping the city maintain its role as the economic locomotive and take the lead in innovation in the country, according to the city Department of Industry and Trade. The sector also targets 7.5 per cent industrial growth, 12 per cent growth in retail sales of goods and services and a 10 per cent increase in foreign trade (excluding crude oil) this year. In order to realise the goals set out for 2023, the department would focus on developing the high-tech industrial sector, supporting industries, and the four key industrial sectors comprehensively, he said. The department would also seek to boost the development of e-commerce to meet consumption trends, and develop the logistics sector into a key service sector. The city's industry and trade sector needed to improve its forecasting capacity to raise its management efficiency and better support the business community, he said.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News