Hue sets its sights on reviving the ao dai

September 11, 2022

Hue sets its sights on reviving the ao daiVietnam’s former capital Hue is proud of its ao dai history, the traditional national dress, and has been making plans to revive the elegant garment to its former glory. They also said that reviving the ao dai would reaffirm Hue was the birthplace of the traditional dress. “So the ao dai was created.”In 1837, Minh Mang, the Nguyen Dynasty’s second king, issued a decree to make the ao dai a national dress for all regions. “But the ao dai from Hue stands alone in terms of this national dress in terms of colour, fabric and style,” said Hang. A popular comebackResearchers and local authorities in Hue are eager to make the ao dai popular again in Hue.

The source of this news is from News VietNamNet