In Da Nang, 81 households suffer as residential project suspended for over a decade

April 01, 2024

For the past 13 years, 81 households in a residential project area in Da Nang, central Vietnam have endured degrading living conditions without knowing when they will be relocated. "Both residents and local authorities are exhausted [by the situation] and hope for a swift resolution to the suspended residential area," said one local resident. Initially, news of the residential project led to attempts to divide and sell plots, resulting in 362 properties being filed despite there being only 81 households in the cluster. "This stance is non-negotiable.”Given the public nature of the land, Da Nang must allocate resources and time for the E - Hoa Xuan project. Consequently, the 81 households locked in the suspended area for over a decade will have to continue to wait.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News

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