In Vietnam, student gives friend piggyback rides, another carries their schoolbags to class

March 21, 2024

Ho Van Phat and Ho Anh Tan, grade-two students in Quang Tri Province, located in north-central Vietnam, have spent the past two years giving their classmate piggyback rides and carrying his schoolbag, respectively, to and from school. The student who receives the piggyback rides is Ho Thanh Lam. Though the costs of his treatment were covered by the hospital, his mother, Ho Thi E, was still left with a hefty bill for food and accommodation. Whenever Lam experiences pain, both Tan and Phat offer to massage his legs to alleviate discomfort. Lam’s mother expressed her gratitude to Tan, Phat, and their teacher for their care and affection toward Lam.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News