Industry minitry proposes tougher sanctions for counterfeit goods

March 22, 2024

98/2020/NĐ-CP, issued on August 26, 2020, on the penalties for administrative violations in commercial activities, production and trade in counterfeit and prohibited goods. 17/2022/NĐ-CP dated January 31, 2022, introduced stricter criteria and higher fines for violations related to commercial activities, production of and trade of counterfeit or banned goods. On June 20th, 2023, the National Assembly passed the Law on Protection of Consumers' Interests No. MoIT explained that the draft decree aims to amend and supplement regulations with a focus on better protecting consumers' interests. In Decree 98, fines for selling counterfeit product range from VNĐ300,000 to VNĐ30 million.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News

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