Informal waste workers join hands for ‘zero’ waste target

March 09, 2024

According to The Circulate Initiative (2023), about 60 per cent of plastic waste is collected and recycled by 20 million informal waste workers globally, who are among the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in society. Beyond informal waste workers, the sector also includes others in the value chain such as scrap dealers, junk shops, aggregators, even semi-informal cooperatives in some provinces. Therefore, their voices should be heard and recognised.”"EPR is not only about producers’ responsibility towards recycling rates, but also about responsibility for people throughout the waste value chain, and especially informal waste workers, whose livelihoods depend on waste collection,” Khalidi said. This will require effective waste separation at source, much greater government investment in waste collection and processing, and enforcement of anti-littering rules,” Brunner said. From 2022, Việt Nam NPAP Secretariat is officially hosted by UNDP Việt Nam, which operates and leads the support of NPAP’s activities.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News