Laas wins fourth stage after mass accident, Frolov takes leading role

April 06, 2024

CyclingHÀ NỘI An unexpected fall caused Petr Rikunov's defeat in the HCM City Television Cycling Tournament's fourth stage, with the win going to Martin Laas on April 4. Rikunov of Lộc Trời Group was among riders in the leading group as usual. He was followed by Roman Maikin of Gạo Hạt Ngọc Trời An Giang and Nguyễn Tấn Hoài of Lộc Trời Group. Ivanov TimoFei of HCM City Vinama and Sawa Novkov of Nhựa Bình Minh-Bình Dương were runners-up. In the team's ranking, HCM City Vinama, Lộc Trời Group and LeFruit Đồng Nai are top three.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News

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