Laos-Vietnam railway to be operational in 2028

September 13, 2023

HCMC – A high-speed rail line connecting Khammouane Province in Laos and the Vietnam-Laos border is slated to be put into service in 2028. The Laos-Vietnam rail line project is envisioned as a 500-kilometer high-speed railway system, with a total cost of US$5.5 billion, reported the Vietnam News Agency, citing Lao media. In Laos, the railway will stretch from the capital, Vientiane, to Thakhek District in Khammouane Province with a total length of 312.81 kilometers. Petroleum Trading Lao, in collaboration with Yooshin Engineering and Korea National Railway, will undertake a comprehensive railway design study. The project’s objectives include enhancing the transportation infrastructure system, reducing transportation costs, and fostering the socio-economic development of Laos.

The source of this news is from The Saigon Times