Mountainous region displays beauty at Điện Biên festival

March 20, 2024

ĐIỆN BIÊN PHỦ — Local residents and tourists have been immersing themselves in the lyrics of the traditional music and folk dance of Xòe Thái at the Mountainous Cultural Space event, an activity of National Tourism Year-Điện Biên and the Ban Flower Festival in Điện Biên Province. This was the first time Lợi went to Điện Biên and learnt about the culture of the Northwest mountainous people. However, it was great that we are able to travel to Điện Biên on this special occasion. They came from remote villages to perform and recreate daily life, while introducing and promoting the beauty of their ethnic culture to guests. The mountainous cultural space event, which ran from March 16 to 18, brought rich experiences to visitors, bringing the unique cultural beauty of Điện Biên closer to local and international friends.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News