NA Chairman addresses special session of Cuban parliament

April 21, 2023

He stressed that over more than 64 glorious years of the Cuban Revolution (since January 1959), Việt Nam is proud to have 63 years of standing side by side with Cuba. On December 2, 1960, the administration led by Fidel Castro became the first in the western hemisphere to set up full diplomatic ties with Việt Nam. In Việt Nam, people always keep in mind late leader Fidel Castro’s everlasting remark, “For Việt Nam, Cuba is willing to shed its blood”, as well as his bravery in visiting the liberated zone in South Việt Nam in Quảng Trị, located in the frontline between North and South Việt Nam, on September 16, 1973. The Chairman highlighted Cuba’s support for Việt Nam during the resistance war and trying times, stressing that Việt Nam never forgets and always remembers the fraternal assistance from Cuba. He highly valued Chairman Huệ’s efforts in promoting the two countries’ special relations and parliamentary ties.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News