Nhon-Hanoi Station metro line commences trial run

March 15, 2024

The 8.5-km elevated section of the Nhon-Hanoi Station metro line, the second of its kind in Hanoi, has begun its 1.5-month test run, the Hanoi Metropolitan Railway Management Board (MRB), the investor of the project, said on Tuesday. The trial run includes three phases with 57 scenarios that feature operations in normal, restricted, and emergency conditions. Aside from MRB, the consultant unit Systra and Hanoi Metro One Member Company (Hanoi Metro) will take part in the test run. Hanoi Metro is responsible for providing and supervising operations and maintenance employees, while contractors are in charge of offering equipment, additional personnel, repair and maintenance services to serve the trial run. The evaluation and certification of the metro line’s safety, conducted by the French consortium of Apave - Bureau Veritas - Certifer, meets European standards and complies with the prevailing regulations of Vietnam, MRB said.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News