Party leader's book on socialism introduced in Cuba

February 17, 2024

HAVANA – The book on theory and practice of socialism in Việt Nam by General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee Nguyễn Phú Trọng has been introduced in Havana, Cuba recently as part of a CPV delegation's visit to the Caribbean nation. The delegation was led by Deputy Director and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Sự Thật (Truth) National Political Publishing House Võ Văn Bé. Many participants shared the view that the Vietnamese Party’s and State’s views and guidelines on socialism and the country’s path towards socialism will be a valuable reference for Cuba. Earlier, the book was introduced to leaders and advisory bodies of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) Central Committee at its headquarters. Secretary of the PCC Central Committee and head of its Ideological Department Rogelio Polanco Fuentes highlighted theoretical and practical values of the book, saying it helps Cuban officials and people understand more about socialism in the Southeast Asian nation.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News