Philippine group keen on Cần Thơ's agricultural products

March 12, 2023

CẦN THƠ — A representative of the Philippine group Vista Land said it is looking for business opportunities in Southeast Asia, including Việt Nam, with a desire to improve the quality of its food products. The group said in its current field trip to Cần Thơ, it has so far found a number of potential products to introduce to the Philippines such as rice, fruits, shrimp, processed fish, snacks, and dried fruits. In a working session with the group on Saturday, Permanent Deputy Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Dương Tấn Hiển said Cần Thơ, with its strength in high-tech farming, can meet the needs of clean agricultural and aquatic products that Vista Land cares about. Cần Thơ authorities stated that the city always opens its door for investors seeking investment and cooperation chances. In 2022, Cần Thơ exported US$101.98 million worth of products to the Philippine market, mainly rice, seafood, apparel, and medicine.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News