Phú Quốc tourism struggles to gain visitors

May 17, 2023

PHÚ QUỐC — The number of visitors to Phú Quốc City has decreased significantly year-over-year, mainly due to expensive flights and unstable service prices, said city authorities in a conference held yesterday. He said the main reason was that plane ticket prices to Phú Quốc this year were higher than to other places and than other years. Chairman of Phú Quốc Guide Group Trương Công Tâm said that it was also important to control service pricing in the city. Besides, Tâm said that unprofessional tour buses, which drive irresponsibly and lack proper management, were making Phú Quốc tourism unattractive to visitors. Hưng said that Phú Quốc would discuss with airlines to provide reasonable plane tickets and examine tourist facilities to neutralise service prices.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News