PM stressed determination to turn Phú Quốc into world-class eco-tourism centre

March 31, 2024

178/2004/QĐ-TTg by the Prime Minister in 2004 approving the overall development plan for Phú Quốc Island, Kiên Giang Province until 2010 and the vision towards 2020. In the last five years, Phú Quốc has not only managed to be self-sufficient in terms of budget but also contributed to the provincial budget. Phú Quốc, once a little-known island district, attracted only over 130,000 tourists in 2004. By now, Phú Quốc is linked with all airports domestically, along with 10 countries and territories. At the conference, leaders of ministries, sectors, enterprises, experts, and scientists discussed in depth the potential, strengths and achievements in Phú Quốc as well as its limitations.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News

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