Professor dedicates 5 decades to teaching traditional Vietnamese music in France

March 10, 2024

Phuong Oanh, or Vo Quang Tung Phuong Oanh, the first Vietnamese professor teaching traditional Vietnamese music in France since 1978 at the Louis Kerven Academy of Music in Sevran, located in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, has mentored generations of learners for over five decades. Along with her three children, they perform together in 'Phuong Ca Norway,' a traditional Vietnamese music group founded in Oslo in 2003. Photo: SuppliedFinding time in busy livesTo Kim Thuong, head of Phuong Ca Rennes in France, recalls her early encounters with Professor Phuong Oanh and the Phuong Ca family. In recognition of her expertise and contributions to Vietnam's traditional music, she was awarded a professor’s degree in traditional Vietnamese music in Strasbourg, France in 1996. Beyond her teaching endeavors, Professor Phuong Oanh has also conducted extensive research on music, further enriching her knowledge and understanding of traditional Vietnamese musical practices.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News