Provinces organise activities to lure tourists over Tết holiday

January 30, 2023

HUẾ - The ritual at Princess Huyền Trân Temple in Huế this year started on January 29 at the Ngũ Phong Mountain Complex, about 7km southeast of Huế. It is one of the ancient citadel's Spring Festival activities, not only to welcome the new season but also the new year. It's also an activity to pay tribute to Vietnamese people’s ancestors, who expanded the country southward, with the historic marriage of Princess Huyền Trân to the then King of Champa. Princess Huyền Trân put her country first, and her love second. She obeyed her father King Trần Nhân Tông, and his elder brother Trần Anh Tông to wed Champa King, so as to establish peaceful ties with the southern neighbour back in the 14th century.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News