Rare condition: Vietnamese woman develops rib in neck

December 31, 2023

A patient from Lang Son Province in northern Vietnam sought medical attention for a pain in the right neck and shoulder, only to unexpectedly uncover the presence of an additional rib growing on the seventh cervical vertebra -- a condition known as cervical rib disease that is relatively rare and lacks a known cause. Lang Son General Hospital on Friday afternoon announced the successful surgical intervention on Vi Thi Th., a 22-year-old technical worker from Lang Son, who resorted to medical attention due to pains in the right neck, shoulder, and arm. Photo: SuppliedThis condition, commonly referred to as the seventh cervical rib disease, is considered rare, and its cause remains unknown despite ongoing research. Vi Hong Duc, a professional from the department of neurosurgery - thoracic surgery at Lang Son General Hospital explained that cervical vertebrae do not typically align with ribs. The surgery, which is not frequently performed in some leading hospitals in Vietnam, marked the first time Lang Son General Hospital had undertaken such a procedure.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News