Rising dragon: Amazon eyes Vietnam as key link in global supply chain

December 18, 2023

Global e-retail giant Amazon will make Vietnam an emerging link in its global e-commerce supply chain, as the Southeast Asian country has become increasingly prominent as a major manufacturer regionally and internationally, said Eric Broussard, vice-president of worldwide Amazon global selling and international seller services. He pointed out that the expanding global retail e-commerce landscape is creating numerous opportunities for traders worldwide, including those from Vietnam. In such a context, Vietnam will contribute to bringing more diverse choices to hundreds of millions of Amazon customers, and this is the first reason that has inspired Amazon to support Vietnam to become a link in the group’s global supply chain, Broussard said. Furthermore, the Amazon vice-president emphasized that Vietnamese sellers exhibit a robust entrepreneurial spirit. With its manufacturing strength, entrepreneurial spirit, and rapid digital transformation, Vietnam can become an important supply chain in global e-commerce, the Amazon executive concluded.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News