Sacombank unveils Visa debit card promotion for inward remittances

April 09, 2023

HCM CITY — Sacombank has launched a promotion for customers who receive money from abroad through its Visa debit cards from now until September 30. Besides getting remittances paid at home, at the bank, via bank accounts, or through an ATM, customers can receive money transfer through MoneyGram/Remitly/Xoom/ABA Ltd on Sacombank Visa debit cards easily, quickly and free of charge. Once the remitter fills in the recipient's information and Sacombank Visa debit card number, the cardholder will get the money in their card account without any further verification at a competitive exchange rate. Sacombank Visa debit card is a smart payment means that comes with many excellent benefits and incentives, and helps cardholders manage their accounts flexibly at any time and anywhere, transfer money to account/card/ phone number, top-up card/account at Sacombank ATM, pay Sacombank credit card bills and so on. Customers can use their cards to pay at millions of merchants and e-commerce sites and withdraw cash at ATMs world-wide.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News