Shared will, high determination, drastic action will bring to reality Asia Zero Emission Community: PM

December 18, 2023

TOKYO — Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính on Monday led the Vietnamese delegation to participate in the first-ever Asia Zero Emission Community (AZEC) Summit in Tokyo, Japan, chaired by Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, aiming towards decarbonisation throughout Asia. This allows them to maximise regional cooperation potential to support countries in the region in energy transition in line with each nation's circumstances. To contribute to the AZEC goals, the Vietnamese Government leader proposed focusing future cooperation on research and development, and diversification of clean energy sources and new technologies. This includes facilitating technology transfer to ensure widespread, affordable access to clean energy in Asia and ensuring clean energy transition suitable for each country's conditions. With high determination and strong actions as well as the active support of developed countries for developing countries, an Asia Zero Emission Community will become a reality, bringing prosperity to the Asian community and sustainable future for the world.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News