Stakeholders upbeat about Ho Chi Minh City’s social media data collection software

March 07, 2024

It is meant to assist organizations in managing and shaping public opinion by monitoring and analyzing trends, opinions, and emotions on social networks. The tool particularly focuses on developments involving hostile, subversive, and anti-social groups exploiting social networks and Internet platforms to incite protests against government policies and guidelines. He suggested that the city expand sources of data beyond newspapers, TV programs, and social networks in order to increase the software’s utility. Powered by AI and other technologies, the software possesses the capability to swiftly and comprehensively search for the most-discussed topics across various forms of communication on social networks, including written, picture-based, and voice interactions, Hoa said. The software can also filter out and handle data before promptly sending reports to authorities to work out new policies in response to controversial issues.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News