Stronger measures needed to improve Vietnam’s farm produce export quality: seminar

September 12, 2023

Vietnamese authorities should take stricter measures to ensure better compliance by farm produce exporters and producers with quality requirements of international markets, so as to maintain and promote agricultural shipments in the future, experts said at a recent seminar. Le Thi Thanh Thao, UNIDO representative in Vietnam, said agricultural exporters in developing countries still face challenges in meeting and complying with EU requirements for international markets. Many experts also called for the agriculture sector to pay more attention to improving farm produce traceability to enhance the transparency of origin. “In addition to meeting standards on farm produce quality and safety, our factories in the coming time should ensure green environment factors to meet the importing countries’ more stringent requirements on living and working environment quality,” Le Thanh Hoa, deputy director of the Department of Quality, Processing, and Market Development under MARD, told the seminar. Shipments of food and animal feed being rejected in the five markets shrank in 2010-20, to 537 from 632 cases, Baharamakian Nima, manager of a UNIDO quality and standard project, told the seminar.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News